Bury Supported Living Scheme

Bury Supported Living Scheme provides domiciliary support to a number of people with learning disabilities across Bury within their own homes who require 24 hour support.

The Supported Living Scheme enables people with learning disabilities to become actively engaged citizens within their own community.  

It gives them the opportunity to become tenants and to live within their own homes, moving away from the isolation and stigma that is attached to a traditional model of residential care.

We aim to give individuals the opportunity to lead socially active and socially inclusive lives and for individual packages of support to be developed.  

The main aims of the Supported Living Scheme are:

  • To provide a service that is based on the assessed needs of the individual; that will enhance the individuals potential,  
  • To provide a service in which people are offered every opportunity for integration into their local community, To provide a service that respects the individuals personal choice, dignity and privacy,
  • To provide a service in an appropriate environment, affording comfort, cleanliness and safety, To provide a service that will enhance the individuals self image and self esteem, To acknowledge and celebrate each individuals cultural, ethnic, gender, sexuality and religious identities.

Contact Information

2c Cambeck Close
M45 8NF
0161 796 6415
0161 796 1067

Opening Hours


Referral Methods

  • Self referral
  • GP
  • Health professional
  • Social care professional