Trustwide In Reach Out Reach Team

We support young people in the community and works closely with both our community Healthy Young Minds teams and inpatient CAMHS services.

We provide intensive home support to young people to avoid hospital admission where possible.

Where young people are admitted to hospital, it provides extra support to ensure they avoid lengthy hospital stays.

The team works with a range of mental health difficulties, including depression, self- harm, psychosis and anorexia nervosa or other eating disorders.

A nurse is assigned to a young person and is responsible for planning, delivering and evaluating their care.

The team also monitors the progress of young people who have been seen by our services but are under the care of CAMHS inpatient services elsewhere in the country.

You can find out more about our Healthy Young Minds services on our dedicated website.

Contact Information

Trustwide In Reach Out Reach Team, Hope Unit
Pennine House, Fairfield General Hospital
0161 778 2268
0161 716 1157
Parking Available:

Opening Hours

We operate a 7 day a week Mon - Sun, we can do planned evening visits until 10pm, however our office is operated until 9am - 5pm, so any work after 5pm would have to have been previously discussed & arranged prior

Referral Methods

  • GP
  • Health professional
  • Social care professional
  • All referrals are from Tier 3 consultants or CAMHS care co-ordinators