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Preceptorship is a period of practical experience and training for a newly qualified or returning practitioner that is supervised by an expert or a specialist in a particular field.

Q. What is the preceptorship criteria?
A. You must be newly qualified in a registered profession e.g. nurse, AHP, midwife or a newly qualified non-registered Qualified Assistant Practitioner or similar. Alternatively, you may be returning to work after a 5 year break or entering a differing part of the professional register e.g. health visiting.

Q. How long does preceptorship last?
A. Preceptorship lasts 6-12 months

Q. Does it replace IPDR?
A. Not initially. You’ll start the IPDR process after 6-9 months.

Q. Am I supernumery whilst on preceptorship?
A. No. However, any supernumery period offered would be at the discretion of the manager.

Q. I didn’t start preceptorship as soon as I started my new role, can I do my preceptorship retrospectively and over a shorter period of time?
A. Perhaps. This would depend on the time period remaining and would need to discussed on an individual basis.

Q. If I am brand newly qualified do I have to complete the 12 months?
A. There is a minimum of 6 months for preceptorship, maximum 12 for completion.

Q. If I have had a five year break and feel I can pick up the role without a preceptorship, do I have to do one?
A. National and Trust recommendations are to complete a preceptorship programme on return to work.

To find out more about preceptorship contact:

Christine Saunders                           Laila Nisbet
07920419149                                   0161 716 3469  

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