We provide assessment and diagnosis of memory conditions.

This includes initiation and monitoring of treatment for Alzheimer’s disease (cholinesterase inhibitor treatment), post diagnostic information and support  via in-house sessions, referral and signposting to voluntary and other statutory services.

Service pathway

You should speak to your GP about any on-going problems with memory and thinking skills first, so they can assess you for any physical or psychological causes for these changes. They will also conduct a brief memory assessment and refer you to us if appropriate. 

All referrals are discussed in a ‘single point of entry’ meeting to ensure they meet the eligibility criteria.

Once the referral has been allocated to the memory service, you will be referred for a brain scan and receive an appointment for an initial assessment within 6 weeks. This appointment will last between one and two and a half hours, and will include a comprehensive assessment of memory, physical and mental health and any changes in day-to-day functional abilities.

You will then receive a consultant appointment to discuss the results of this, which will be within 12 weeks of the referral.

Depending on your diagnosis, you may be offered treatment with an acetyl cholinesterase inhibitor. Once stable on a therapeutic dose of treatment, you will be discharged back your GP who will continue to review your condition and treatment.  

We can also provide a range of information and support if you're diagnosed with dementia or a mild cognitive impairment, and those who support you.

For out of hours support, please call 0161 342 2222 or contact your out of hours GP service.


We won one of the Trust's CARES Awards in 2017 for the Mental Health South Category, to recognise our hard work. You can watch our video below: