Stansfield Place

Stansfield Place provides an active rehabilitation service within the Rehabilitation & High Support Directorate (RHSD) for men & women with a primary serious mental illness and range of other complex needs.

They may present a risk to themselves or to others if they were not to be appropriately supported, but are unlikely to abscond from within a step down service. The purpose of specialist rehabilitation services is to deliver effective rehabilitation and recovery to people whose needs cannot be met by less intensive mainstream adult mental health services.

The focus is on the treatment and care of people with severe and complex mental health problems who are disabled and often distressed, and who are or would otherwise be high users of in-patient and community services. The unit provides for 6 men and 6 women and has a 2 year pathway.

The service users are typically difficult to engage; poorly responsive to treatment and more likely to receive/adapt to programmes of treatment.

They may also have associated co-morbid post-traumatic disorders or personality difficulties and significant attachment disorders. Aggressive or seriously irresponsible conduct may be a characteristic.

They may have a secondary diagnosis of personality disorder and may present with challenging behaviour, have a history of illicit substance misuse and also have an index offence and be subject to a treatment and/or detention order by the Ministry of Justice. Their needs are deemed to be met by a 2 year pathway.