Pathfinder Pennine Care

We provide recovery focussed interventions for people (aged 26+) with a physical and psychological dependence on alcohol and/or prescribed, over the counter and illicit substances.

Our skilled, experienced and motivated workers carry out an assessment to help people identify their goals, and develop a care plan to achieve them.

We offer one-to-one support and workshop programs, where appropriate,  to help people progress in their recovery. We also offer community-based detoxification programs, and facilitate in-patient detoxification programs and access residential rehabilitation.

Our workshop programmes are based on the five ways to wellbeing and are co-facilitated by our volunteers and peer mentors (most of whom are ex-service users). They provide support and guidance on lifestyle changes and techniques for breaking the cycle of dependence.

We also provide support for family members and carers who can play a crucial role in the Triangle of Care.

Many of our pservice users face physical health challenges. Our clinical team provide blood bourne virus screening, especially for HIV and hepatitis C. We co-ordinate a weekly hepatitis C treatment clinic, delivering and supporting people through the full hep C treatment programme.

Our clinical team offer vaccinations against hep A/B and flu. Screening and signposting is also available for conditions such as COPD.

Through our “BUILD” offer, we help people sustain their recovery. “BUILD” provides ongoing, informal, relapse prevention support. Facilitated primarily by our peer mentors and volunteers, it offers both check-up telephone contact and twice weekly drop-in sessions.

Access to our service is via the independent START team (0161 474 3141). They provide an initial assessment and signposting in to treatment.