Oldham older people's community liaison mental health service
Our service can support you if you're aged 65 years and above, live in Oldham, and are open to the adult social care team.

We can support you if you're experiencing episodes of poor mental health, and/or we can help to prevent deterioration in your mental health - which may impact on your personal safety.

Our aim

Our overarching aim is to provide you with appropriate care and support closer to home, avoiding admissions to hospital and long-term care wherever possible.

We will provide specialist mental health care, mental health assessments, interventions, advice, triage, support, and education and training to social care colleagues (from the local cluster teams and hospital discharge team).

Where we're based

We're based with social services in all five of Oldham's primary care networks and with the discharge team at Royal Oldham Hospital.

If you need to speak to us, please drop us an email and we can pass your query on to the right person.