Heathfield House (Stockport)

Heathfield house is step down rehabilitation unit for males aged between 18 and 65 based in Stockport that provides 24 hour nursing inpatient care.

The Service Users’ mental health statuses range from informal (MCA) or detained. The pathway is geared towards individual need and consists of 3 stages; Assessment, Engagement and Recovery which can span between 18 to 36 months, though there are Service Users who have been on the unit longer who still continue to benefit from intensive support.

The general admission pathway into the unit is from Greater Manchester with agreement from Clinical Commissioning Group.

Typically, service users who are admitted to Heathfield House; have history of challenging existing service provision, history of serious self-harm (not within the last 3 months), have required needs to be met through non-secure 24 hour nursed continuing care and have noted clinical progress within the last 6 months.

Many Service Users are responding to treatment and care plans, have a noted reduction in risk factors, low or no absconding risk and participate in treatment and rehabilitation activities. Many Service Users take part in unescorted rehabilitation activities and have unescorted leave of up to 1 hour per day for 4 weeks. Most Service Users require rehabilitation and care in a setting with high supervision.

Heathfield House practices a multi-professional approach to treatments which includes patient involvement and provides individualised and holistically planned care. The Team assists individuals to achieve their optimum level of independence, functioning, wellbeing and recognise that each individual has the need and the right to be treated with dignity and respect at all times.