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Administration of Discretionary Medicines Policy V7 55 KB
Care Programme Approach (CPA) Policy V12 147 KB
Clinical Audit Policy V4 83 KB
Clinical Risk Assessment Management Policy V8 102 KB
Consent to Examination or Treatment Policy V7 2.53 MB
Covert Administration of Medicines Policy V7 82 KB
Unified DNA CPR Policy V1 1.05 MB
Disclosure or Discovery of Assisted Suicide V4 48 KB
Electro Convulsive Therapy Policy V3 185 KB
Exclusion of Visitors to Detained Patients in Hospital Policy V4 71 KB
Guidelines for the Assessment and Management of Self Harm V3 237 KB
Identification & Management of Obesity in Adult & Older Peoples Services Policy V5 592 KB
Jugular Venepuncture Policy V4 40 KB
Medicines Policy V9 139 KB
MHA Section 117 - After-Care Policy V4 489 KB
Use of Mobile Phones and Tablets Policy for Service Users and Visitors V4 62 KB
Non Medical Prescribing Policy V7 192 KB
Nutrition and Hydration Policy for Inpatient Units V4 424 KB
Patient Group Directions Policy V9 110 KB
Patients Absent Without Leave AWOL Policy V7 316 KB
Physical Health Policy for Mental Health Service Users Aged 18 Years and Over V6 398 KB
Prescribing Supply and Use of Unlicensed Medicines Policy V7 349 KB
Rapid Tranquilisation Policy V7 117 KB
Report Writing & Attendance at Tribunals Policy V5 794 KB
Research and Development Policy V3 67 KB
Resuscitation Policy V7.1 239 KB
Safe Management of Controlled Drugs Policy V7 103 KB
Safe Management of Medical Gases V6 99 KB
Seclusion Time Out and Other Restriction of Patients Movements (within inpatient wards) Policy V6 644 KB
Section 17 Leave of Absence Policy V9 5.74 MB
Section 132, 132A & 133 Provision of Information to Detained Patients & Nearest Relatives Policy V5 166 KB
Storage Handling Distribution and Disposal of Vaccines Policy V4 114 KB
Suicide Prevention Strategy V7 114 KB
Using Bedrails Safely and Effectively Policy V4 131 KB
Victims Policy V3 162 KB
Protocol for Mental Health Inpatient Service Users Who Require Care in the Pennine Acute Hospital V6 65 KB
Community Treatment Order Policy V5 420 KB
Secure Services Placement Assessment and Management Guidance V6 200 KB
Guidance for the Management of Pornography and Sensitive Materials on Inpatient Units V5 62 KB
Treatment of Patients Subject to the Mental Health Act 1983 Part 4 and Part 4a Policy V4 520 KB
Secure Management of Patient Property Policy and Procedures V4 123 KB
Management of Scabies Policy V6 86 KB
Identification, Management, Protection and Exploitation of Intellectual Property V2 51 KB
Isolation Policy V3 133 KB
Psychiatric Intensive Care Operational Policy V6 409 KB
Management of Head Body and Pubic Lice Policy V6 83 KB
Transition of Patients from Healthy Young Minds Services Protocol V6 149 KB
Safeguarding Families Policy V1 101 KB


Document File Size
Access to Health Records Policy V6 226 KB
Management of Community Services Health Records Protocol V3 723 KB
Child Visiting and Child Contact Policy V4 93 KB
Complaints and Compliments Policy V11 125 KB
Conduct of and Liaison with Pharmaceutical Company Employees V7 147 KB
Confidentiality Policy V7 86 KB
Contractors On Site Policy V6 57 KB
Core and Essential Skills (Manadatory Training) Education Policy V3 186 KB
Data Protection Policy V4 92 KB
Education, Training and Development Policy V9 132 KB
Electronic Transfer of Person Identifiable Data Policy V5 263 KB
Electronic Mail Policy V7 120 KB
Freedom of Information Policy V5 191 KB
Retention of all Clinical and Corporate Records Guidance V3 248 KB
Health & Safety Policy V7 85 KB
Information Governance Policy V6 79 KB
Information Governance Strategy V3 80 KB
Information Security Policy V5 86 KB
Violence Reduction Policy Positive and Proactive Interventions V7 192 KB
Missing Paper Records Procedure V6 101 KB
Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence Claim Policy V6 82 KB
Privacy Dignity Policy V4 341 KB
Policy for the Permitted Use of Removable Media V4 77 KB
Management of the Removal/Transfer of Records & Information Storage Equipment when Moving Premises/Location Protocol V5 94 KB
Management of Mental Health and Specialist Services Health Records Protocol V3 450 KB
Scanning and Uploading Documents to Clinical Information Systems Procedure V2 281 KB
Transition from Paper to Electronic Records and How to Volumise Procedure V2 78 KB
Business and Corporate Records Management Protocol V3 158 KB
Receipt and Scrutiny of Documents Policy V2 176 KB
Records Management Policy V9 91 KB
Risk Assessment Policy V10 280 KB
Smoke Free Policy for Staff V6 61 KB
Non Access/Non Attendance for Mental Health Services Policy V2 156 KB
Procedure for the Condemning and Disposal of Equipment V3 57 KB
PREVENT Policy V2 109 KB
Information Sharing Policy V6 105 KB
Nicotine Management Policy V1 70 KB
Policy for the Management of Linen and Laundry V2 65 KB
Legionella Management Policy V1 328 KB
Information Risk Management Policy V1.1 134 KB
Learning from Deaths Policy V1 102 KB


Document File Size
Reservation of Powers to the Board and Delegation of Powers V11 218 KB
Fraud Policy and Response Plan V9 80 KB


Document File Size
Induction Policy V4 646 KB
Dignity at Work (Managing Bullying & Harassment at Work) Policy V7 94 KB
Core and Essential Skills (Mandatory Training) Education Policy V3 186 KB
Professional Registration Policy V6 44 KB
Volunteering Policy V5 44 KB
Partnership Working Policy V4 65 KB
Work Experience Policy V3 60 KB
Equal Opportunities Policy and Procedure V4.1 52 KB
Implementation of the NMC Standards to Support Learning and Assessment in Practice/Mentor Policy V3 100 KB
Protection of Pay Policy V2 47 KB


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