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Mental health staff have signed up to a national pledge to involve carers in decisions about mental health service users.

Pennine Care has joined the Triangle of Care scheme that recognises the essential role carers play in the welfare and support of people with mental health conditions.

All the Trust’s mental health services have now achieved the nationally recognised accreditation.

Pennine Care introduced a Trust-wide Triangle of Care steering group four years ago and since then, the group has achieved:

  • The establishment of Carer Champion roles in
  • all adult acute mental health wards, Community Mental Health Teams (CMHT) and Rehab and High Support Directorate (RHSD) services. You can read more about the role here 
  •  The delivery of monthly carer awareness sessions by staff and carers to services working on the Triangle of Care.
  • Co-produced carer information booklets for all inpatient wards
  • Membership on the regional Triangle of Care group
  • Involvement in regional carer support days with partner NHS Trusts and RHSD services
  • The development of information sharing protocol and policy in situ on wards
  • Reduction of number of acute service carer contacts with the Patient Advice and Liaison Service
  • To build on the success so far, the structure of Triangle of Care support is being strengthened across the Trust.

Under the new structure, each borough will have a local Triangle of Care steering group.

Pennine Care provides mental health services in Bury, Rochdale, Tameside, Stockport and Oldham.

The Triangle of Care is a guide to best practice in mental health care.

It includes six key standards organisations must achieve before they can receive the accreditation.

They are:

  • Recognising the essential role carers play and making contact with them as early as possible after admission or contact with the service user
  • Carer awareness training for staff
  • Established practices for sharing information with carers
  • Named ‘carer champions’ responsible for ensuring carers are valued and informed
  • Introducing carers to the staff and service their loved one is part of
  • Support services for carers

More information on the Triangle of Care can be found at 

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