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Improving services for people and patients

We are always looking at ways in which we can improve the services and care we provide to patients and people who use our services.  Here is an overview of some of our current service developments and innovations: 


Saffron Ward, enhanced intermediate care, Stockport 

Saffron ward is a 20-bed unit that in Stockport provides specialist mental health care for people over the age of 65 who are experiencing delirium. The ward accepts patients as a step-down from acute physical health to provide the right care for their needs. Whilst a physical health condition can often be treated with ease, an ongoing confused state means older patients are too mentally unwell to return home, leading to an extended stay on a hospital ward. Saffron provides a viable alternative to this.

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Oldham Care Consortium 

The Oldham Care Consortium was developed in response to a tender for adult community services across the borough. The tender required the formation of cluster-based multi-disciplinary teams wrapped around GP practices.  Pennine Care led the development of the Consortium to include social care, primary care, voluntary services and the local hospice. 

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Rapid Assessment Interface and Discharge (RAID) 

Pennine Care provides psychiatry liaison services into four acute hospital sites. It is based on Birmingham’s Rapid Assessment Interface and Discharge (RAID) model.

The service comprises three separate teams – older people’s liaison, A&E liaison and alcohol liaison – who support the diagnosis, assessment and management of people with mental health issues within an acute setting.  It is available 24/7 to anyone aged over 16 years old.

A further important role for the team is to educate and train general hospital staff in how to diagnose and treat common psychiatric, psychological and emotional problems.

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Butler Green, enhanced intermediate care, Oldham 

Butler Green is a flagship enhanced intermediate care facility in Oldham. It provides enhanced recovery and rehabilitation to help local people avoid being admitted to hospital, or to reduce acute length of stay.

It provides both ‘step up’ and ‘step down’ care meaning primary care and acute care staff can refer patients. It has 28 beds comprising 20 nursing beds and 8 clinical enhanced beds. Butler Green also provides a comprehensive blend of nursing and therapeutic interventions. The service operates an ambulatory IV therapy clinic, urgent response to patients at home, A&E therapy in-reach and a GP helpline.

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Measuring impact

We must be able to measure, demonstrate and show the benefit over cost of the service improvements we are building and so evaluation is an integral part of how we plan and implement care.

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