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Meeting CQC standards of care

Providing high quality care for patients is our top priority and underpins everything we do here at Pennine Care but it’s important that we can demonstrate this at any time, to anyone.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is responsible for ensuring that providers are meeting fundamental standards of care. They assess this as part of a planned visit involving up to 120 external inspectors working across a whole trust, or an unannounced visit involving a smaller team of inspectors looking at a particular service.  

The CQC has recently inspected our Trust.  You can read more below.

CQC inspection teams include clinical professionals and other experts, such as people with experience of receiving care. They take an in-depth look at everything a trust or service does and all staff need to be able to answer their questions clearly and demonstrate supportive evidence.

An inspection should build on what we are doing already and provides us with an opportunity to showcase our good work, areas and actions for improvement, how we involve and listen to patients and how we learn from mistakes.

Based on their findings, the CQC will rate the Trust as ‘outstanding’, ‘good’, ‘requires improvement’ or ‘inadequate’.

Pennine Care has a good track record of quality and is placed within the CQC’s lowest rate of concern, but we mustn’t become complacent and need to monitor our effectiveness continuously.

Five quality questions

During an inspection, the CQC will be looking for evidence in five key areas to determine whether the care and treatment we provide meets the fundamental standards expected.

The CQC will be looking for evidence for how we ensure the care we provide is:

  • Safe - People are protected from abuse and avoidable harm.
  • Effective - People's care, treatment and support achieves good outcomes, promotes a good quality of life and is based on the best available evidence.
  • Caring - Staff involve and treat people with compassion, kindness, dignity and respect.
  • Responsive - Services are organised so that they meet people's needs.
  • Well-led - The leadership, management and governance of the organisation assures the delivery of high-quality person-centred care, supports learning and innovation, and promotes an open and fair culture.

You can find out more about how the CQC inspects via the CQC website.

Our inspection

The CQC inspected our Trust between 31 May and 3 July 2016.  During this time a team of inspectors visited a cross-section of our community and mental health services.  

They spoke to staff about how their service is performing under the five key domains, asked to see documentation and observed the care that is delivered.

They also spoke to service users about their experiences of care and gathered feedback from a range of other key stakeholders.

Pennine Care response to CQC Requires Improvement notice

  • CQC inspection outcome: ‘Requires Improvement’ overall for Pennine Care
  • One service rated as ‘outstanding’, nine rated as ‘good’, six rated as ‘requires improvement’ overall
  • 90% of services rated as ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ for caring
  • No services rated as ‘inadequate’

Michael McCourt, Chief Executive of Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust, commented: “Clearly the Trust would always aspire to achieve outstanding or good for the care it provides and this was achieved by the vast majority of services inspected across all five domains. 

“It should be commended that 90% of services were rated as good or outstanding for caring and the report highlighted that staff were on the whole responsive, respectful and caring and professional in their attitudes and worked to support the patients. 

“However, there are a number of services that were rated as requires improvement and we will take the issues raised seriously and act swiftly to make changes.  This is a reflection of the immense challenges we continue to face in providing complex care to the most vulnerable of people and we need to work together with our patients, partners and commissioners to make demonstrable improvements.”

The Trust will now be working with services and the CQC to develop an action plan to address the areas for improvement.

You can view the CQC report in full by clicking here.

We will be publishing details of improvements made following our CQC inspection on this page. Please keep visiting for further updates

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