Orchard House Day Hospital

We can support people who are over 65 and who have already been referred to mental health services provided by Pennine Care.

What happens when you're referred to us
We can help you manage your mental health and wellbeing and work towards recovery. Attending the day hospital can give you the opportunity to learn more about why things are difficult for you and help you to look at ways of coping. We run groups which provide information about different aspects of mental health and the opportunity to talk to other patients who also have problems with their mental health.

We work closely with the other mental health teams, including Community Mental Health Teams and the Home Treatment Team.

If you have had a stay on one of our mental health wards we can support you at the day hospital when you are discharged. Our aim will always be to support you to prevent admission to a ward.

Who makes up our team
Our team is made up of mental health nurses, occupational therapists, an assistant psychologist, and support staff who all work together to help you cope with the changes in your life caused by your mental health problems.

We will give you opportunities to explore activities and techniques which will allow you to keep your independence and contacts within the community. If you would like us to, we can help to put you in touch and introduce you to activities in the community.