This service is currently closed

This service is not currently open at the moment, due to the coronavirus outbreak.

We will keep you updated with any support we'll be offering in due course.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused, we hope you and your loved ones are staying well during this time.


Orchard House Day Hospital

We support people over 65 who have been referred into mental health services and are experiencing problems with carrying out normal everyday activities and hobbies.

This includes personal care and the ability to get out to do tasks such as shopping, or to attend social groups, or see family and friends.

What happens when you're referred to us

You will be offered support with managing your symptoms and coping with the changes in your life caused by your mental health problems. You will also be given opportunities to explore activities and techniques, which will allow you to keep your independence and contacts within the community.

We work alongside the home treatment team to prevent you from being admitted to an acute mental health ward, where appropriate.

When you do need to be admitted we can support you once you've been discharged. Sometimes we can help you to be discharged early and can prevent readmission.

We provide a range of therapeutic groups and activities which help you to regain your confidence and manage your symptoms, including wellbeing groups and anxiety management.

Our aim is for you to work towards managing your symptoms and regaining your skills and confidence in everyday activities. This could be with things like shopping, cooking, socialising and playing an active role - both in your family and community.

Who makes up our team

We are made up of mental health nurses, occupational therapists, nursing assistants and technical instructors; with a link worker to help people get involved with activities which are going on in the community.

Consultant psychiatrists visit regularly to review your progress; while psychologists, physiotherapists and Age UK benefits advisors also visit on a regular basis to provide treatment and support.