The Friends and Family Test is now available online. Click here to complete the short questionnaire.

From 1 April, NHS England have changed the main question of the test from would you recommend us to overall, how was your experience of the service? This questions is included in the questionnaire above.

Here are our Trust results from recent Friends and Family Tests:

Thumbnail Title Date Posted Size
PDF file icon 00 Annual FFT report April 18 to March 19.pdf 26/06/2019 580.33 KB
PDF file icon 01 FFT results January 19.pdf 26/06/2019 571.06 KB
PDF file icon 02 FFT results February 19.pdf 26/06/2019 572.71 KB
PDF file icon 03 FFT results March 19.pdf 26/06/2019 506.29 KB
PDF file icon 04 FFT results April 19.pdf 26/06/2019 640.08 KB
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