NHS England and the Care Quality Commission have issued joint guidance on the delivery of the ‘hard truths’ commitments, to publish data regarding nursing, midwifery and care staff levels.

Research demonstrates that staffing levels are linked to the safety of care and that staff shortfalls increase the risks of patient harm and poor quality care.

We publish staffing data in the following ways:

  • A Board report describing the staffing capacity and capability, following an establishment review, using evidence based tools where possible. This is presented to the Board every six months.
  • Information about the nurses, midwives and care staff deployed for each shift compared to what has been planned. This is displayed on wards.
  • A Board report containing details of planned and actual staffing on a shift-by-shift basis on wards for the previous month. This is presented to the Board every month.
The latest reports can be viewed here:


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