Published on: 8th May 2020

Bunksy collage.jpgAn anonymous member of staff, going by the name of ‘Bunksy’, has been working around the clock to paint portraits of our NHS Heroes.

Equipped with an iPad, stylus and a desire to acknowledge the exceptional work of colleagues, Bunksy has very quickly become a social media sensation and a curiously enigmatic figure at Pennine Care.

Taking inspiration from artist Tom Croft’s #portraitsfornhsheroes campaign on Instagram - where artists have painted portraits of NHS key workers to acknowledge their exceptional contribution to fighting the coronavirus pandemic - Bunksy has gone one step further, and has already painted over 20 portraits, with many more lined up.

Bunsky said: “There are so many exceptional people working for our Trust, that I would not have been able to choose just one.

“I decided I would seek nominations from colleagues and choose my subjects from there. Things have escalated since and I’m being sent several nominations from staff every day.”

Bunksy’s painting mission began as a way of showcasing the “enormous talent” our colleagues have shown in such difficult circumstances, but has also morphed into a gallery of touching tributes for each of Bunksy’s muses.

Bunsky said: “The most rewarding part of painting the portraits by far actually comes after they’ve been made public. 

“It is brilliant to see the outpouring of endorsement, love, support and admiration for the member of staff from their friends, colleagues and family members.”

As a full-time member of staff, Bunsky’s alter-ego has been under many of our noses for quite some time. However, the incognito painter has stayed undetected and their true identity remains a mystery - at least for now.

“All you need to know is that I spend my days off undercover in my virtual art world – tracking down photographs of nominated staff. You’ll never catch me!”

Click here to see a gallery of Bunksy’s portraits. You can also follow Bunsky on Facebook (Pennine Bunksy), Twitter (@PBunksy) and Instagram (@PennineCareNHS).