The CAMHS Home Treatment Team provide care to young people living in Stockport, Tameside, Oldham, Rochdale and Bury.

We can support you if you are 16 or under and in full-time education. We may also be able to accommodate some over 16s, where appropriate.

We have two pathways: supported early discharge and admission avoidance.

Supported early discharge

We offer practical intensive support to help you recover and allow you to be discharged early from acute inpatient wards. We provide short term supportive care packages to young people and their families/carers being discharged from acute inpatient wards. If you have complex needs, we also support you care coordination during your discharge process.

Admission avoidance

This involves intensive home treatment, with visits arranged depending on your needs. This means we can offer brief interventions to support your recovery and manage any risks, which reduces your chances of having to be admitted to hospital.

  • Planned home visits
  • Psychosocial interventions
  • Full mental state examination and assessment
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Medical input on consultations, review, medication prescribing and management
  • Psychoeducation
  • Promoting self-management techniques
  • Providing access to other supporting agencies
  • Carer and family support
  • Onward referral and signposting
  • Brief cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)
  • Relapse prevention
  • Crisis management

We work with carers who are supporting people at home by listening to their concerns and providing support when needed.

We can offer:

  • Support and brief family work
  • Guidance (Young Minds, Papyrus, Pennine Care CAMHS website)
  • Education
  • Signposting/referral
  • Information about our patient, advice and liaison service (PALS)

If you wish to make a complaint, you can reach out to our Complaints Team. You can contact them on or 0161 716 3083