You said, we're planning

We are always keen to improve our CAMHS services based on your feedback.

Check out some of the suggestions and improvements below, and also check out the displays when you visit us.

Please contact your CAMHS team to give more feedback and suggestions.

Home treatment team

You can read compliments and feedback on the home treatment team's padlet or click the menus below to see changes we've made.

You said:

The traffic light care plans are a great way to help with communication alongside the wrist bands.

We're planning:

The traffic light care plans have been rolled out across the care hub.

You said:

I need information and support in a crisis, but I do not speak English.

We're planning:

Pennine Care has changed translation service providers and we now have access to instant phone interpretation. We have also interpreted our crisis plan and service information leaflet into five other languages.

You said:

The workbooks feel like home ’work’.

The booklets are childish.

Parents don’t always know how involved they should be with the booklets.

We're planning:

We have redesigned the booklets to be more accessible for all young people and given them more descriptive titles linked to their therapeutic journey. We have also designed a booklet specifically for parents and carers.

You said

Initial communications about what to expect from the CAMHS home treatment team was not made clear from the outset.

We’re planning

All CAMHS referrers have now been given a copy of our service leaflet to give to you at the point of referral, to help with communication and expectations.