Greater Manchester assessment and inreach centre, sometimes called 'GMAIC' or 'G MAC', is part of the crisis care pathway.

We support the assessment of young people between the ages of 13-18 across Greater Manchester.

You may be referred to us if you experience a mental health crisis, to see if you would benefit from a hospital admission.

Making a referral

The health and care professionals looking after you will make a referral to us so one of our mental health professionals can review your needs.

This could be someone from your community mental health team (child and adolescent mental health services - CAMHS, early intervention team, community eating disorders service), rapid response teams, mental health liaison teams, or the CAMHS medical on call.

All referrals will need to be supported by a psychiatrist.

What happens after a referral is made

Often our practitioners will complete an assessment by reviewing information sent by other professionals and completing a face-to-face assessment with you and your family.

We will also join Mental Health Act assessments where possible. These assessments may take place in a general hospital or at your house.

The purpose of the assessment is to determine if you are suffering from an acute mental illness that needs treatment in a hospital.

We will consider how you are at the moment as well as how you have been in the past.

Our practitioners will work with the you, your family and other professionals to think about what may have contributed to the mental health crisis.

Together we can look at if there are other things that can be put into place to support you in the community.

After your assessment

When the assessment is completed, we will give you, your family and relevant professionals an outcome and some recommendations.

If a hospital admission is recommended, arrangements will be made for you to be admitted to a suitable hospital.

If the outcome is for you to stay out of hospital, we will recommend some other support.

We want to keep improving services based on your feedback.

Visit our 'you said, we're planning' page to see some of the things we've done, improvements we're planning, and how you can give your feedback.