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Stress - are we coping?

Stress - are we coping?

Stress affects everyone, in one way or another, at some point in life.

It could be due to work, family and relationship difficulties, bereavement, illness, or even events that are meant to be celebratory, like planning a wedding.

Stress is normal, it's a survival strategy developed over millions of years to keep us safe. But sometimes it can become a way of life.

Research shows that stress is a key reason why 16 million people experience a mental health problem each year, hence the theme for this year.

We’re looking to support the campaign as much as possible by sharing some useful tips to combat stress and encouraging everyone to join in a conversation to reduce the stigma around mental illness.

Throughout the week we’ll also be looking at three main themes:

Spot the signs of stress

While there are many causes of stress, and everyone reacts differently, a lot of the symptoms are the same. Quite often though, you might keep going without recognising something is wrong.

It’s helpful to be aware that you’re stressed as soon as possible, to help you take action and to prevent it from developing into a more serious problem.

Some common indicators are:

  • Emotional – feeling overwhelmed, irritable, anxious, or experiencing low self-esteem
  • Mental -  racing thoughts, constant worrying, difficulty concentrating, or difficulty making decisions
  • Physical – headaches, muscle tension, change in appetite, dizziness, or sleep problems

Stress may also lead to indulgence in more negative actions, such as drinking or smoking more; but there are some more positive solutions to try.

There’s plenty more information about the symptoms at:

What support is available?

We offer many services for people of all ages and who have a range of mental health needs. There are also lots of other local and national organisations that can offer support.  

Check out a full list at:

We have also pulled together some handy stress busting tips to try, which you can find at: 

In their own words

We've spoken to some staff, service users and local people about what makes them stressed and their top tips for coping. 

Look out on our social media for some quotes or click here to read more.

You can also read a case study from one of our members of staff who sought help from our Staff Wellbeing Service. Click here to read this.

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