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There are currently four public governors for Trafford. If you would like to get in touch with one of your local governors, or if you have any queries, please contact 0161 716 3374/3960 or email

Governors speech bubbleAngela Lawrence

Angela Lawrence - "I hope to make a difference to the way services operate especially for the elderly. From my experience of having elderly parents I have seen first-hand some of the current gaps in provision. I have excellent communication skills and I don’t give up easily, my determination has got me through some very difficult times in life.

"I believe in honesty even when it doesn’t appear to work in your favour. I believe your voice is the most powerful tool you can have it can mobilize, motivate and make a difference without your voices of the community, services will not improve."

George Devlin

George Devlin - "I believe in the need to build a truly holistic approach to the delivery of health and social care services that puts people at the centre; in ways that enable them to maximise their potential and achieve purposeful and independent lives. I also believe the most successful route to bridging the gaps in health outcomes and improving people’s lives is to focus individual, family and community strengths.

"I will bring my skills and experience to gain a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of service delivery within the Trust and truly represent the public of Trafford."

Irving Normie

Irving Normie - “I am dedicated to serving and representing the people of Trafford. My main interests lie in mental health and dementia.”

Donna Hefferon

Donna Hefferon - "The best services should be planned by their staff and include a voice from the community who use and value the service. Our voice should be heard and be influential to the future of the NHS in Trafford.

"I am aware of what matters to the people that use the service. My career means that I have the skills to scrutinise the Trust and its policies allowing me to constructively feedback.

"I’m a determined individual when it comes to improving a person’s experience no matter what their circumstances, background or beliefs may be."

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