Trafford Children’s Therapy Service – Occupational Therapy

Trafford Children’s Therapy is a combined physiotherapy and occupational therapy team.

We provide high quality holistic therapy assessments, treatments, advice and care to babies, children and young people with complex and additional needs.

Our aim is to improve the child's function in daily activities so they can achieve their full potential and stay healthy.

We work closely with partner agencies to provide safe, coordinated interventions, which focus on the needs of the child and their family and keep waiting times to a minimum.

We're based at Sale Waterside but also work in a variety of settings including schools, nurseries, clinics and the child’s home.

In 2015 we were one of the trust's Principles of Care Award winners, check out our video below:

About our occupational therapists

Occupational therapists are specially trained to assess and provide advice and intervention, for children with a disability and children who experience difficulties with everyday tasks at home, school and during play. 

Occupational therapists assist with:
  • Specialist equipment
  • Minor and major home adaptations
  • Personal care skills
  • Splinting for chronic conditions
  • Developing coordination and fine motor skills
  • Advice for schools to accommodate the child’s needs
  • Sensory assessments

Making a referral

Our referral forms and further advice can be found in the document list at the bottom of this page.

On April 1 2017 we redesigned the way we accept occupational therapy referrals from Trafford schools and early years settings. You can find out more about these changes here: FAQ for school and early years setting referrals.

If the referral meets our service criteria, the case is either placed on our waiting list or allocated to an occupational therapist, depending on the level of risk. 

After the assessment we will offer programmes, therapy sessions, group sessions, equipment and adaptation provision, guidance to schools and work with other relevant services, as appropriate, to meet the child’s needs.

Therapy advice sheets

Our specialist occupational therapists have developed these documents to cover a range of functional difficulties your child may be having.

By working through these with your child, you can help to improve their skills in things like handwriting, ball skills, doing/undoing buttons, using cutlery etc.

Please read our introduction to advice sheets to help you make the most of these resources.

Early Years



Visual perceptual skills

General strategies and Information