Stockport liaison mental health service (formerly RAID)

Our former RAID (rapid assessment, interface and discharge) services in Stockport have been brought together and it is now called the Stockport liaison mental health service. 

This includes our former:

  • Alcohol RAID service
  • Older people’s RAID service (separate from the community older people’s team – please see below)
  • Adult accident and emergency RAID service

We will continue to support people who attend A&E, or who are on a ward, at Stepping Hill Hospital who have a range of mental health issues.

Bringing these services together aims to make sure people can access the right support, from the right professional as quickly as possible.

The name change follows a national legal challenge, which means NHS services across the country are no longer allowed to use the term RAID (rapid assessment, interface and discharge).

Referral information 

We accept referrals from hospital staff at Stepping Hill Hospital.

If you are referring a patient from A&E you should continue to bleep 1475.

If you are referring a patient from a ward, you should fax the referral form to 0161 716 5889.

The new referral form has been shared previously and you can click here to download a copy.

If you have any questions, please contact the Stockport liaison mental health service on the number below.

The changes do not affect the community mental health liaison service for older people (based at The Meadows), which will continue to provide the same support in the same way. Click here for information about this team.