Sector based work academy proving a great success

Albert GhazziA new approach is helping us to fill our teams with even more talented people.

We currently run a fantastic sector based work academy which offers a hands-on insight into what it's like to work for us.

With tailored training, a six week placement, and application and interview support, the academy is a fantastic opportunity to prepare people for a career in the NHS.

We're already seeing some great results, too. After running three small programmes across our localities, nine of our 'graduates' have gone on to secure employment with us or another NHS trust.

Many of those taking part were long-term unemployed before they joined the work academy, so this was a great chance for them to develop their confidence and update their skills.

Please read on to find out more about our sector based work academy graduate, Albert Ghazzi, and his manager, Clare McGann. Albert is one of our many success stories from the sector based work academy programme, having successfully landed a permanent position with our Trafford single point of access team.

Albert Ghazzi - Trafford Single Point of Access Call Handler

I applied through my local job centre to join a sector-based work academy with Pennine Care. I really wanted to work for the NHS and help patients, so I thought it would be a really good opportunity.

During my six week placement, I developed my knowledge of the NHS and the single point of access (SPOA) service. The team at SPOA have been supportive, friendly and always approachable.

My manager Clare and supervisor Paula have really helped me develop. After completing the work academy, I was awarded a permanent job with the team thanks to the support I got during my placement, and through the application process. 

Clare McGann - Trafford Single Point of Access Team Leader

I was contacted in June 2018 to ask if I would be able to offer two candidates a six week placement at SPOA, to support their sector-based work academy learning. I jumped at the chance, as I knew that the training they had received through our work academy was an opportunity for my whole team to develop.

Albert and Marie settled in straight away and my team embraced the challenge of sharing all of their knowledge and training.

The last six months have gone so quickly, and I am ecstatic to say that after a competitive interview process, I have been able to offer Albert a full time position within the team.

I really hope that many future employees get an opportunity to experience this type of programme.