Celebrating Allied Health Professionals' Day

Today (15 October) is Allied Health Professionals' (AHPs) Day and we would like to say a huge thank you for all the work they do.

AHPs dayAHPs focus on prevention and improvement of health and wellbeing. Their aim is to help people to reach their full potential, so they can live full and active lives within their family circles, social networks, education and the workplace.

You can read more about some of the AHPs we have across Pennine Care below:

Podiatrists provide essential assessment, treatment and foot care for patients with a variety of conditions, many of which are high risk due to other health conditions such as diabetes and cerebral palsy.

Click here to read about a day in the shoes of Carly Telford, a podiatrist based in Oldham.

Dietitians are qualified to assess, diagnose and treat diet and nutritional problems. They use the must current research on food, health and disease to give practical guidance on food and lifestyle choices.

Click here to read about a day in the shoes of Sharon McEwen, a dietitian based in Bury.

Occupational therapists help people to enhance or regain the skills they need to carry out everyday activities, such as caring for themselves and others, working, learning, playing and interacting with others.

Click here to read about a day in the shoes of the children's occupational therapy team based at Callghan House in Heywood.

Physiotherapists address problems of impairment, activity and participation and manage recovering, stable and deteriorating conditions through advice, treatment, rehabilitation, health promotion and supporting behavioural change.

Click here to read about a day in the shoes of Dave Shirley, a physiotherapist based in Trafford specialist weight management service.

Audiologists diagnose and treat hearing loss and any other hearing-related problems. They can also prescribe and fit hearing aids and advise on any additional support.

Click here to read about a day in the shoes of Mash'aal Choudhary, an audiologist based in Oldham.

Speech and language therapists provide support for children and adults with speech, language, communication and swallowing difficulties.

Orthoptists investigate, diagnose and treat defects of binocular vision and abnormalities of eye movement.

Click here to read about a day in the shoes of Claire Topping, a highly specialist orthoptist based in Bury.

Dramatherapists are clinicians who use performance arts as a medium for psychological therapy.  This can support people with a wide range of needs such as autism, dementia, physical or sexual abuse and mental illness.

More information about AHP roles is available at: www.england.nhs.uk/ahp/role/