Pennine Care 70for70 – 58 to 63

The NHS is an incredible, diverse organisation that turns 70 years old on Thursday 5 July.

To countdown to the occasion, we’re sharing a different staff story on social media every day for 70 days.

In case you missed them, here are the penultimate six:

58. Helen Lord – Senior Communications Officer

Helen LordHelen is the communications lead for Bury, Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale Community Services and Specialist Services; along with a number of key Trust-wide campaigns.

Helen said: “I have worked for the NHS for just over 10 years. I love the NHS because it aims to make a positive difference to people’s lives.

“I have never been interested in the private sector, which often has a primary focus on financial profit. My role is challenging, as I have to balance the requirements of a large number of services, establish a high level of understanding about how they work and often have to get my head around complex issues.

“However, the pace and variety of the role motivates me. I get a real sense of achievement when I successfully complete a large project, particularly when I receive positive feedback.”

59. Shannon Fletcher – Staff Nurse

Shannon FletcherShannon works on Hollingworth Ward, based at Birch Hill Hospital in Rochdale. The ward is part of John Elliot Unit, which is a 42-bed mental health support unit.

Shannon said: "I never wanted to be a nurse until I came across mental health nursing.

"There's something special knowing you're part of somebody's journey and knowing that you and the team are doing everything you can to make a positive impact to somebody's life. 

"No day is the same and no one's story is the same; everyday brings new rewards and challenges."

60. Clare Sayle - Health Visitor

Clare SayleClaire is based across the Trafford South area, providing support and encouragement to families from pregnancy and birth through the early years to primary school.

The team give advice on feeding, safety, physical and emotional development and other aspects of health and childcare. 

Claire said she joined the NHS to help make a difference.

The Trafford Health Visiting Service has a dedicated Facebook page with regular advice and updates from the team: @TraffordHealthVisitors

61. Alan Barrett – Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Alan BarrettFurther to being a Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Alan is also Clinical Lead for our Military Veterans’ Service and the Manchester Resilience Hub (adults):

Alan said: “During my career, in addition to the NHS, I have spent time working as a volunteer, within the charitable sector and for regulatory bodies. 

"It is clear to me that the greatest clinical challenges of our time, requiring innovative solutions for the most complex psychological cases, are to be found working within the NHS.

"So despite the pressure of workload, you are forced to develop skills at pace and are provided with opportunities that only the NHS can provide.”

Click the hyperlinks to find out more about our Manchester Resilience Hub and Military Veterans’ Service.

62. Darren Harwood - Older People's Liaison Support Worker

Darren HarwoodDarren is based in Irwell Unit at Fairfield General Hospital in Bury:

He said: "I love that I'm part of an organisation that works tirelessly to help those in society that need our help.

"I enjoying helping people and chose to work with dementia patients as both my Nan and Mum had dementia. I hope my personal experiences can be a positive in my career and for my patients. 

"One of the rewarding things for me is when I visit a patient and they thank me for spending a bit of time with them. There's no greater buzz than that for me. Also when I get positive feedback from the magazine I put together called 'The Weekly Raid'."

The Weekly RAID is aimed at helping people to live well with dementia, through a variety reminiscent facts and activities. Click here to find out more.

63.Sian Schofield - Associate Director of Nursing and Healthcare Professionals

Sian SchofieldSian said: "I started in the NHS in 1978 as a medical secretary but quickly realised I enjoyed the patient contact so changed to train as a nurse. 

"I have been fortunate to have had a varied career with lots of opportunities, but patient care and supporting staff has always been my priority. 

"Being a nurse is both a privilege and an honour, knowing that each day you make a difference to patients and staff.

“The NHS is unique and often taken for granted. Staff work extremely hard no matter what circumstances they face and we need to celebrate their achievements, not just because of the 70th celebration but every day!"

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