Pennine Care 70for70 – Volunteer’s and Dietitian's Week (37 to 43)

The NHS is an incredible, diverse organisation that turns 70 years old on Thursday 5 July. To countdown to the occasion, we’re sharing a different staff story on social media every day for 70 days.

Our latest seven celebrate Volunteer’s Week (1 to 7 June) and Dietitian’s Week (4 to 8 June):

37. Joan – Volunteer

Joan volunteerFor three years Joan has volunteered at Pathfinder, our drug and alcohol support service in Stockport.

As a carer, Joan support a group called BUILD. The group is really friendly and focuses on getting service users together to support each other with no judgement.

She wanted to help out in any way she could, even offering to do some cleaning for them.

Joan said: “I feel so honoured; I just love everything about it. I love listening to people’s stories, I feel like I really am helping someone. “

For more information about our volunteering opportunities, please visit:

38. Steve Moss - Governor

Steve MossGovernors are volunteers who are responsible for ensuring the views of our local communities and members are considered in decisions about how we develop our services. 

Steve is one of four people representing the Tameside and Glossop constituency on our Council of Governors.

He said: "I want to play my part in supporting Pennine Care in providing services that meet people’s needs at the time they need them and where they need them."

More info about our governors is available at:

39. Karen Kelland – Governor

Karen KellandKaren is one of four people representing the views of those who live in Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale on our Council of Governors.

She said: "I am passionate about the quality and safety of healthcare which has patients at the heart of its service provision.

"My experiences as an ex-nurse, a patient and a carer have provided me with a holistic view of healthcare.

"The importance of meaningful patient and carer perspective is ever more important in the complex structure, emerging from the many changes to our health services."

If you’re a member of the Trust, don’t forget to vote for a candidate to represent you before 5pm on 21 June. Full details at:   

40. Charlie – Volunteer Wellbeing Furripist   

Charlie dogCharlie visits service users on our mental health units at The Royal Oldham Hospital, along with his owner Brian (also a volunteer).

Staff and service users always look forward to Charlie’s weekly visits.

Brian told us: “Charlie loves meeting the people on the units. I hope that one day they are as happy to see me as they are to see Charlie, but that’s ok, I don’t mind playing second fiddle to him!” 

Charlie and Brian both share their 70th birthday with the NHS this year (Charlie is 70 in dog years).

Happy birthday to them both and thanks for the pleasure they bring to service users.

41. Rian Horsfall - Community Dietitian

Rian HorsfallRian works for the Nutrition and Dietetic Service, based at Bury Living Well Centre:  

Rian said: "This is my first NHS position as a newly qualified dietitian and I'm enjoying the opportunity to work with a dedicated team here in Bury.  

"I came to this career quite late in life after discovering I could combine my passion for food and health in a healthcare profession.

"I particularly enjoy the education side of my role and seeing people empowered to make positive health choices motivates me every day."

42. Alison Ford - Clinical Specialist for Community Nutrition and Dietetics

Alison FordAlison is based in the Trafford Community Nutrition and Dietetics Service, helping people of all ages to manage their diet and related conditions.

She said: "The most rewarding part of working as a dietitian in a community setting is helping patients reduce their risk of developing malnutrition.

"Improving a person's nutritional status has a positive impact on quality of life both physically and mentally."

Trafford Community Nutrition and Dietetics Service is also on Facebook, like @TraffordDietitians for the latest updates.  

43. Melissa Harrison - Urgent Care Service Lead

Melissa HarrisonAlong with her role as a service lead in Oldham, Melissa is a qualified Occupational Therapist:

Melissa said: “What I love about the NHS is that all people are able to receive the equal and accessible care without worry of affordability. 

"As an Occupational Therapist my thinking cap is always about how I can make a person as independent as possible for their own self-care and wellbeing. 

"With this in mind, once stepping into urgent care and a service leadership role ,this is still at my fore front aiming to support the Oldham population to self-care and receive care close to home preventing unnecessary hospital admissions. 

"The most rewarding part of my role is seeing services make a difference to people's lives by supporting them and their carers and families - enabling people to find solutions to problems to enable them to be support in their own homes."

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