International Nurses' Day 2018

IND 2018 logo mainInternational Nurses’ Day is celebrated every year on 12 May.  We employ around 1,700 qualified nurses, along with many more staff in nursing-related roles.

Our nurses work incredibly hard throughout the year, often in very challenging circumstances.  Their dedication and commitment to providing high quality care to patients is second to none.  Every day there are countless examples of them going the extra mile.

In the 70th year of our NHS, instead of expecting something from our nurses, we wanted to give something back!

A special event has been arranged where a range of health, wellbeing and pamper activities are on offer, along with gifts and prizes.

The Trust had a small budget for the event.  However it would not have been possible without the generous support of several local businesses and organisations.

 A huge thank you to:

  • Fred Pratt, CEO of P&L Joinery Subcontractors 
  • Active Anytime Fitness Gym
  • Tameside College
  • Revive Beauty
  • Jenny Jones Jewellery
  • Jo Fern Hairdressing
  • John Lewis
  • Oliviccio Restaurant
  • Tesco
  • Wilkos
  • Pennine Care’s Health and Wellbeing College

Check out some photos of the event @PennineCareNHS on Twitter or PennineCareNHSFT on Facebook. 

Our Chief Executive Claire Molloy and Executive Director of Nursing and Healthcare Professionals (interim) Jackie Stewart have expressed their gratitude in the latest CEO Blog.  Click here to read this.