Oldham NHS staff save dad’s foot

A team of Oldham health professionals have been praised for the excellent care they have provided to a local dad.

Billy Duckworth, 58, from Bardsley, has thanked podiatrists and nurses from Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust, for managing his condition at home and saving his foot from amputation.

Billy DuckworthBilly needs around the clock care after complications with spinal surgery he had 12 years ago left him tetraplegic.  This means he is paralysed with limited movement in his hands. He also has type 2 diabetes and frequently experiences muscle spasms which can cause pressure ulcers on his feet.

When Billy started to experience severe complications as a result of the ulcers, it was important that he received urgent specialist care, or risk losing his foot. 

Normally this care would be provided in hospital; however the level of day-to-day care and specialist facilities that Billy needs, meant that going into hospital was challenging.

Thanks to Pennine Care’s Podiatry Team, District Nursing Team and Community IV Therapy Service, Billy was able to receive this vital care in his own home. This not only enabled Billy to be more comfortable, it also helped to reduce the pressure on busy hospital services.

Thanks to the care provided by the teams, Billy’s foot was saved.

Billy said: “Without a doubt I’m not a hospital person; it can be difficult to meet all my needs in hospital.

“Right from the beginning [my care] has been second to none.  The team have been brilliant, they really have; they’ve saved my foot.

“There’s been times when it’s [my ulcers have] flared up again.  They’ve [the team] even called on their way home from work to check it out. I just can’t knock it [the care provided].”

Billy’s son, Billy James Duckworth, added: “I would also like to express my thanks and how grateful I am for the care that has been delivered. It has helped to relieve a lot of stress and worry.”

Podiatrist, Jane Munro, said: “We all worked together as a team to provide the very best care for Billy, in his home.  Our aim was to help him to regain his health and avoid having to go into hospital

“I’m delighted we were able to save Billy’s foot and this outcome shows just how effective and important partnership working is.

“We’re really pleased Billy is happy with the care he received and grateful for his kind compliments.” 

Pennine Care’s Podiatry Team, District Nursing Team and Community IV Therapy Service are just some of the services that are working hard to keep people out of hospital.  To find out more, people can visit: www.penninecare.nhs.uk

Pictured: Back (left to right): Christine McConkie, Carer; Tracey Edge, Carer; Jane Munro, Podiatrist. Front: Billy Duckworth.