Keeping children with complex conditions out of hospital

A new specialist respiratory pathway is being developed in Oldham for children and young people with highly complex conditions.

This includes children with severe neurogenetic conditions that can lead to quadreparesis (muscle weakness), children with progressive disorders, those with airway problems requiring tracheostomy and regular oxygen, or children who require ventilation in the community

Children with such conditions are highly vulnerable and much more susceptible to respiratory conditions during the winter. This can result in them needing hospital care, or in extreme cases, can lead to death.

To support these children to remain healthy and at home, a group of Pennine Care professionals have come together to develop a new specialist respiratory pathway.

This multi-disciplinary pathway includes the Oldham Community Paediatric Service; paediatric speech and language therapists; children’s community nurses and paediatric physiotherapists. Colleagues from the local authority, acute services and other key partner organisations will also be closely involved in the development and delivery of the pathway.

To further enhance the effectiveness of the pathway, parents and carers will be supported to effectively self-care for their child, such as providing chest physiotherapy.

The aim is to make sure everyone works together to make sure any health concerns can be identified early and that the right support and care is quickly put in place, before a child’s condition deteriorates.

The pathway is currently being developed and the aim is to fully launch it in September 2018, in plenty of time for the 2018/19 winter period.