Improving MSK services for children in Oldham

Oldham MSK mainA new scheme to improve musculoskeletal (MSK) care for young people has been shortlisted for a national award.

Pennine Care paediatric physiotherapists and podiatrists in Oldham have worked with colleagues from Pennine MSK Partnership (PMSKP) Ltd to develop a new triage scheme called Rightpath.

Previously paediatric MSK referrals were triaged and directed to specialistnservices. Some of these referrals were unnecessary, as they were concerned with relatively minor MSK problems, or parental concerns around development (e.g. flat feet or bow legs). These issues can be safely managed by a community professional without having to wait for a specialist appointment.

This new partnership approach to triage allows specially trained professionals to use their expertise to identify which children can appropriately be seen by a community-based service and which children actually need to see a specialist.

Ensuring that young people are seen by the right professional, at the right time and closer to home, supports better outcomes and a better experience overall. It is also reducing demand on specialist services – freeing them up to care for individuals with more complex conditions.

The success of Right​path has seen it shortlisted for a national British Society for Rheumatology Best Practice Award. The winners will be announced in May. Good luck to everyone!