Colourful support for Trafford children

A Trafford speech and language therapist has developed a handy resource to help children in the borough to develop their language and vocabulary.

Andrew Ryder, who works in Trafford Children’s Speech and Language Therapy Service part of Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust, first created his own resources for Colourful Semantics to support training he was delivering in a local school.Andrew Ryder SLT

Colourful Semantics is a popular, evidence-based intervention using visual prompts to support children with severe language impairments, by helping them to link grammar (syntax) to a word’s meaning (semantics).

With the help of his daughter, Gracie, Andrew created packs of laminated picture cards and worksheets at home using Velcro and colourful symbols which can be arranged to form sentences.

Andrew said: “Colourful Semantics are a useful way to look at grammatical structures in language, which have been expanded to also develop vocabulary, spoken and written language and to support writing narratives.

“I wanted to tailor these for teaching staff to use with local children, so I set about making some at home with my daughter, Gracie, in charge of laminating and cutting Velcro.” Gracie Ryder

After posting a picture of the cards on the service’s Facebook page (@traffordchildrensSLT), Andrew was inundated with requests from parents or other professionals who wanted a copy.

Andrew added: “I was surprised with just how popular the packs have been, I’ve had a few comments back to say how impressed people have been with them and how useful they’ve been.

“I’ve set up a web link so people can download the packs to print off themselves. We are hoping to provide the link to attendees on our training courses and we have already shared it with school and nursery staff in Trafford.”

The resources are now available to download at:

More information about Trafford Children’s Speech and Language Therapy Service is available at: