Oldham health award winners

Two NHS services from Oldham have scooped a top award for demonstrating excellence in patient care, as part of Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust’s CARES Awards.

The first service improvement involves pharmacy technicians who have been working with district nursing teams to review patient medication.  Over the last 12 months, the technicians have educated patients on how to safely administer medication and conducted regular reviews to ensure patients are on the right medication so they can properly manage their conditions.  Previously these duties would have been carried out by a district nurse visiting a patient’s home.

Sue Scott, Pharmacy Technician, said: “The district nurses had seen the waste of medication and self-medicating that patients could do so these new posts were brought in to help.  The technicians have been very effective and have so far managed to save up to 60 hours of district nursing time, reduced GP visits and saved more than £10,000 in medication costs.”

Pharmacy Technicians 

The second service to win an award was the Community Mental Health Team.  The team’s new health support workers are focused on improving the physical health of people who suffer with a severe mental illness, because they can die up to 20 years before the general population.  The team work with service users to ensure they get the right healthcare they need to manage any physical conditions. 

During physical health checks, the team have identified patients with high cholesterol, diabetes and high blood pressure, supporting them to make healthy lifestyle changes to improve both their health and wellbeing. 

Sarah Coogan-Hill, Clinical Lead and Health Support Team Manager, said: “We are trying to reduce the gap between physical and mental health.  We recognised that patients were finding it difficult to access physical healthcare at times and what we do is support that and bridge the gap.”

Community Mental Health Team

Videos about the award winners can be found on the Pennine Care You Tube channel: youtube.com/user/penninecarenhs