ITV Facebook Live to support those affected by Manchester Arena attack

The Manchester Arena terror attack has left thousands of people traumatised and in need of mental health and emotional wellbeing advice and support.

ITV Granada Reports held a Facebook Live video on their page on Wednesday 14 June, to provide information about how to deal with trauma and the support that’s available.

This featured a live question and answer session with a panel of three experts, including Sara Barnes, Healthy Young Minds Directorate Manager, and Dr Alan Barrett, Psychologist from the Military Veterans' Service.

The video targets parents and children who may have witnessed or have been affected by the incident, helping to define what kinds of support there are and the importance of seeking help early.

The video is still available to view on the Granada Reports’ Facebook page at:

Please click here for more information about common reactions to traumatic events and when to seek help.

You can also click the following links for information about local mental health services for children, young people and adults.