Child health information

A joint briefing statement between Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust and the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care (GMHSC) Partnership:

Community Child Health 2000 (CCH2000) is a system used to record information about child immunisations in Bury, Oldham, Rochdale and Trafford, under Pennine Care.

This is a system used by the NHS nationally and was developed originally by NHS Wales.  As of 2017, the system will no longer be operational and trusts currently using this system will have to transfer existing information to a new system.

CCH2000 is used by child health services.  It is also used by other healthcare providers across the country.

Pennine Care is currently working on plans to transfer the child health data from CCH2000 to a new and improved system called Paris, which is already used by other clinical services across the Trust.  

During the process of transferring the data from CCH2000 to Paris, the Trust found the old system contains a number of data issues.  It is too soon to confirm exactly what the data issues are, but they could range from names and addresses being incorrect or potentially vaccines being recorded incorrectly.  

Pennine Care, the GMHSC Partnership and commissioners are working closely to determine what impact, if any, the data inaccuracies have had on the scheduling of child vaccinations.  

Urgent work is being undertaken to cleanse the data as much as possible, in order to provide a clear understanding of what the implications are.

Clinical staff will still be administering vaccines safely and in line with national guidelines.  There is no reason to suggest there have been any problems with how vaccines have been administered or a risk of harm to patients.  The problem relates to how they have been recorded on an electronic system and subsequently scheduled.  However, please be reassured that GPs hold children's full immunisation and vaccination records.  

Whilst parents may be concerned, we would like to provide reassurance that this problem is being treated with the utmost urgency.  If any errors relating to the scheduling of vaccinations are found, parents will be fully informed at the earliest opportunity.  

Parents are advised to continue attending scheduled vaccination appointments, which will still carry on during this process.

Anyone who has any questions or concerns can contact Pennine Care's Patient Advice and Liaison Service on 0161 716 3178.