Bury school nurses go digital to improve care

Bury School Nurses have ‘gone digital’ by scanning 28,000 healthcare records. 

The nurses, from Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust, have begun putting all child health records on a secure online system to make it easier for professionals to share relevant information and provide the best possible care.

The service is using a company called Restore to scan information, which is then available to be viewed by school nurses on their mobile tablets. 

This will mean that school nurses can access records remotely when carrying out visits without the need to return to a central base so they can provide more comprehensive and detailed support.

By cutting down on travel, this will enable school nurses to spend more time with the young people they care for. 

Janet Smith, Children's Services Locality Lead for central Bury at Pennine Care, said: “Previously nurses seeing a child would have very limited information to hand about their medical history.

“Now we can ensure all our staff who see children and young people have immediate access to their information which will improve care and treatment.”

Scanning of all records is expected to be completed by the end of July.

For more information about Bury School Nurses, visit www.penninecare.nhs.uk/buryschoolnursing or follow them on Facebook by searching Bury School Nurses.