Bury care staff 'React to Red' to prevent pressure ulcers

Pennine Care is supporting a new campaign to prevent pressure ulcers in vulnerable people which has launched in Bury.

React to Red‘React to Red’ is a national campaign which aims to educate as many people as possible about the dangers of pressure ulcers and highlight some simple steps that can be taken to avoid them.

A pressure ulcer (sometimes called a bed sore or pressure sore) is when your skin and underlying tissue gets damaged by unrelieved pressure causing a painful wound.

The elderly in care homes are a particularly vulnerable group, often suffering with age associated illnesses, other diseases or disorders and reduced mobility. All of these factors vastly increase their risk of developing pressure ulcers.

In addition to the impact on individuals, the estimated cost to the NHS is between £1.4 billion and £2.1 billion a year nationally; yet in many cases pressure ulcers are avoidable by taking some simple steps. 

Through training, React to Red aims to equip staff, such as those working within residential care homes or delivering care to people in their own homes, with the skills to identify where an individual might be at risk of developing a pressure ulcer and taking action to reduce that risk. 

Staff from Bury’s Wound Care and Lymphoedema, Continence, and Nutrition and Dietetic Services, part of Pennine Care, supported the React to Red launch led by NHS Bury Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) this month.

Around 30 colleagues representing residential homes and home care organisations in Bury attended the launch to find out how React to Red can benefit them. 

Clare Holder, Designated Nurse for Adult Safeguarding at NHS Bury CCG said: “A pressure ulcer is a painful condition and it can be really difficult to heal especially where a person isn’t very mobile, the impact on patients and their families is immeasurable. 

“The good news is that by identifying where a person is at risk, many pressure ulcers can be successfully avoided.

“We are delighted to have launched React to Red in Bury and are inspired by the interest and commitment from colleagues working in residential care locally who are on board.