New Rochdale campus at Sudden Community Centre

The Health and Wellbeing College is now offering courses in Rochdale.

Once you have enrolled with the college, you will be able to access any of the following courses at Sudden Community Centre, 11 to 23 Cheltenham Street, Rochdale, OL11 3QJ.

• Monday 16 Jan, 1pm to 3pm: Making the most of your study (one off induction session – mandatory for all students)
• Monday 23 Jan, 1pm to 3pm: Out Of The Blues (six consecutive week course)
• Thursday 2 Feb, 1pm to 3pm: Curtains To Sleepless Nights (two weeks course)
• Thursday 23 Feb, 1pm to 3pm: I Am In Control (six week course)
• Monday 6 Mar, 1pm to 3pm: Believe And Achieve (four week course)
• Monday 3 Apr, 1pm to 3pm: This is My Moment (one off session)

How to enrol

Contact the college and a member of the team will explain how you can enrol:
• Telephone: 0161 716 2666
• Email:
• Facebook: Health and Wellbeing College
• Twitter: @PennineCareNHSFT

What our current students have said:

“I have had anxiety for a long time but this course has really helped me to understand the anxiety and I will go away with the knowledge that I can control it. Very, very good course, I want to do more” (student, I Am In Control course)

“Very enjoyable learning experience! So far very pleased with all the learning techniques. All the staff were absolutely amazing. Highly appreciated!” (student, Believe and Achieve course)

“Fab session. Well paced. Everything explained in layman’s terms. I came not knowing too much and have gone away with a wealth of knowledge” (student, This Is My Moment course)