Rochdale CAMHS Team speak at international conference

CAMHS conferenceThe DBT (dialectical behaviour​ therapy*) Team from the Rochdale Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) (pictured) has attended an international conference to highlight their innovative approach to supporting young people with challenging needs.

The team delivered a number of presentations illustrating the successes and challenges they have faced in delivering the first cycle of this intensive treatment programme, which they deliver in partnership with a local college.

The team members were commended on the fidelity of the model and the impressive results that they have gained. They have successfully supported five young people to complete all four modules of the programme, which includes six weeks' of skills training on subjects such as emotional regulation, interpersonal effectiveness and distress tolerance.

They were also commended on their unique engagement with the parents of young people involved in the programme, which saw 20 to 25 people come together at any one time.

Speaking about the team's successes, Christine Dunkley, Chair of the Society for DBT, said: “Wow! I am so impressed with your programme. I love the effectiveness of it, it makes my heart sing. You really have done a great job.”

The team is looking forward to beginning the next cycle of the programme which is due to start today (19 January).

(*) DBT is a type of talking therapy that has been adapted to meet the particular needs of people who experience emotions very intensely. It helps young people change unhelpful behaviours and focuses on helping them to accept who they are. DBT also places particular importance on the relationship between the young person and their therapist, and this relationship is used to actively motivate change.