Our safe zones are part of the Greater Manchester crisis care pathway for children and young people.

The aim of this is to make sure you receive the RIGHT help, at the RIGHT time, by the RIGHT person, in the RIGHT place, 100 per cent of the time.

This will improve your overall experience, and the experience of those who care for you, and help to keep you out of hospital.

Who runs the safe zones?

The safe zones are provided by national charity The Children's Society, who are working in partnership with local charities: Bolton Lads and Girls Club, Manchester Youth Zone and 42nd Street.

They are run by experienced staff from those charities, who will provide you with appropriate support and advice. In addition, support will also be provided to your parents and carers to help with your mental health.

If you're aged 13 to 18 years, you'll be referred to the safe zones by crisis care pathway partners, the rapid response teams, community child and adolescent mental health service (CAMHS) teams and mental health liaison services; who work in partnership with accident and emergency teams.

The safe zones are in four locations across Greater Manchester and if required they can support you online, in a virtual manner.

The safe zone team provides short-term interventions, including tailor-made sessions which meet your needs, with practical sessions to get to know you. The activities encourage talking and participation and are planned to support your journey towards wellbeing, over a period of several weeks.

To work effectively with you, and to support referring services, the safe zone team is available across extended hours, seven days a week.