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Position paper on our future strategy

Our board approved a final position paper on our future strategy on 19 December 2018. You can read the report here:

Click here to read the paper

Strategic framework














It is important that Pennine Care has a vision that everyone can understand and support.  It sets out how we believe high quality patient care can be achieved.

In order to deliver our vision we must uphold our Trust values - click here to read more about our values.

Our vision and values clearly set out how we will deliver the best care and how we work with patients, carers, the public and with other partners to develop and improve care in the communities we serve.

In support of our vision and values, we also have a set of strategic goals, which act as overall priorities that steer the organisation in the right direction.

To give the best care, we have to effectively look after a person’s health, lifestyle and wellbeing in combination.  This will help them to live well and more independently.  

Demands for care services are growing, patient needs are more complex and finances are shrinking, so we need to radically rethink how we provide and deliver care in order to be sustainable and meet patient needs.  But we cannot do this by working alone; we must work with all of our partners and care providers in each locality to develop a solution for everyone.

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