Patients get digging at Butler Green

The Charitable Foundation provided funding after a request was made to improve the gardens for the patients at Butler Green to enjoy during their time at the facility.

Butler Green House is a facility based in Chatterton, Oldham that provides a step between hospital and home helping patients to recuperate in a more comfortable environment. It aims to avoid unnecessary hospital admission and facilitate early hospital discharge, by providing quality, holistic and individualised care in a more community based setting.


Garden furniture, soil, plants and pots were purchased so that everyone could get involved in fun garden activities.

Gardening and being around nature and greenery can uplift mood, reduce anxiety and depression and contribute to positive wellbeing. It also helps to bring patients and their families together.


The garden area enables patients and carers to sit out and enjoy the setting through the summer months, allowing an additional space for patients and families to have private space together.

With hanging plants, various types of flowers and potted plants, garden benches and lights it really has improved the wellbeing of the patients at Butler Green.


Butler Green staff said: “One patient in particular thanked us for involving him in potting as he loves gardening, he stated it was one of the best days he had ever had!”

Vicki Elcock Urgent Care Service Lead  said: “The patients and carers really enjoy the gardens at Butler Green. Staff are dedicated and try to donate six hours of their own time to help maintain the three garden areas.

“This involves painting, potting, weeding and tiding of the three big gardens. The patients really appreciate the effort and enjoy the gardens once completed, so it is a very rewarding experience for everyone.”



Clifford Smith, a Butler Green patient said: “I was involved in the garden and really enjoyed the experience. The staff helped me to pot plants and be involved in the day. I came back this year and have seen a big improvement in the gardens and it is such a lovely area to sit and enjoy nature.”



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