Published on: 8th July 2019

We're really proud of Dr Samei Huda, one of our consultant psychiatrists, who has just released his brand-new book, The Medical Model in Mental Health: An Explanation and Evaluation.

Samei Huda book launch.jpgSamei's twenty-plus years of clinical experience and research has come together in his book, which has taken him over two years to write.

Samei (pictured right) realised there was an opening for a book which explains what the medical model is and how it relates to mental health.

In his book, Samei argues that diagnosis in psychiatry is a lot more similar to diagnosis in general medicine than is commonly realised and that psychiatric treatments can be as effective as many treatments in general medicine.

Psychiatrists work in teams with other professionals, as patients have various needs and these are not always best met by using the medical model.

Staff in our knowledge service also helped the project by finding lots of research papers that were referenced.

Dr Huda attended the Royal College of Psychiatrists Congress to launch his book on 3 July.

Click here to find out more about the book.