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Staff take part in ITV student nurses programme

A new ITV programme called Student Nurses: Bedpans to Bandages follows the diverse backgrounds and lives of trainee nurses in Birmingham and Manchester, with all the pressures, emotions and challenges they face both in training and on the frontline.

The series offers an insight into what it takes to become a nurse in the 21st century, uncovers the motivation behind the student nurses’ dreams and showing the challenges they face on a daily basis juggling academic study with home life and clinical work.

Two student nurses on placement with Pennine Care took part in the programme and filmed with services.

A student called Kelise was filmed whilst on placement with the Bury early intervention team, based at Birch Hill. Clinical lead Gillian Fletcher provided supervision to Kelsie during her placement, which included time in the clinic and a home visit. The programme will be shown on 14 March.

A student named Danielle was filmed on placement with the Heywood health visiting team based at the Phoenix Centre and with the Heywood district nursing team. District nurse Hannah Illingworth will feature in the programme on 28 March, providing supervision to Danielle on a home visit.

The programme starts on Friday 14 February at 8pm.